FAQs - NourishhSoul Neem Comb

1. Why NourishhSoul Neem Comb?   

1. Eco-friendly.

2. Made from sustainable neem wood.

3. Gentle on hair & scalp.

4. Boosts blood circulation.

5. Restricts hair breakage.

6. Prevents dandruff build up and itchy scalp.

7. Distributes oil evenly on scalp.

8. Nourish and enrich the scalp.

9. Detangle dry & wet hair.

10. Frizz free hair due to antistatic property.

11. Keeps scalp healthy and infection free.

2. How to use Neem comb perfectly for better results? 

1. Hold the comb and start combing from bottom part.

2. Then slowly move it toward middle and upper part of your hair.

3. Comb gently ensuring it touches your scalp.

3. Who can use Neem comb?

Both men and women as it is unisex comb.

4. What are the benefits of neem comb?

1. Anti-bacterial.

2. Antistatic.

3. Antifungal.

4. Biodegradable.

5. Eco-friendly.

6. Chemical free.